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Eco-anxiety in Youth

According to multiple studies and surveys, the majority of youth feel anxious about climate change and feel that their opinions about the climate crisis are being ignored. Teens today are bombarded with reports in the media about the negative impact people are having on the health of our planet, and it has created a variety of emotions in this young

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Why YOUR Behavior Matters SO Much to the Youth in Your Life

If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, then you are probably a little tired of hearing “be a role model.” It’s usually our first go-to with any behavior we want our teens to adopt. We’ve mentioned it for encouraging creativity, tolerance, healthy eating, exercise, compassion, adaptability, positive stress management, healthy relationships, honesty, money management… okay, you probably get the

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Encourage Creativity in Adolescence

Young children are full of creativity and strong imagination. They explore their world with few boundaries. But as children enter adolescence, they become self-conscious and face intense pressure to conform. Most teens don’t want to stand out, and their longing to fit in inevitably reduces their creativity. At first glance, this might not seem like such a bad thing. After

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Establish Dependable Time with your Teen

Research shows that teenagers with involved parents are more likely to make better decisions, stay out of trouble, and develop into successful, independent adults. However, during adolescence, parents and children often begin to spend more time apart. It’s natural for teenagers to explore relationships with friends and other people outside their families as they try to establish their independence. In

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Self-Harm: Reasons, Symptoms, and Treatment

Everyone needs a way to cope with their emotions when we face very difficult feelings, painful memories, or overwhelming situations. Hopefully, we find healthy coping skills, but sometimes, we turn towards more destructive methods to manage our feelings, such as substance abuse, promiscuity, overeating, or other damaging behaviors. For some people, when their emotions feel out of control, they turn

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Addressing Possibility of Mental Health Issues in College

Today’s teenagers are more stressed and anxious than ever before. Big life transitions, such as attending college, can place additional stress on a still-developing adolescent brain. According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), one in four college students has a diagnosable mental illness and 80% of them feel overwhelmed by their responsibilities. According to the Center for Collegiate

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