Feature Story

After high school graduation, Oscar didn’t know what he wanted to pursue as a career or how to obtain a job. The pandemic only made it more difficult to seek employment. Oscar signed up with Middle Earth’s employment readiness program for assistance. During the program, Oscar learned work readiness skills, as well as how to write a resume and interview. Middle Earth provided Oscar volunteer opportunities to build his skillset, develop more resume experience and serve our community. Staff helped Oscar explore his interests, discovering that he enjoyed marketing and working on cars. With that in mind, Oscar decided that he might want to try working as a car salesman, and started preparing by earning a credential online related to sales strategies. Afterwards, Middle Earth staff was able to set up an internship for Oscar at a local car dealership. Oscar quickly impressed his management and finished the program with a job offer in hand in the exact field he was interested in.

“In high school, I knew that college was just not for me,” said Oscar. “I also knew that I did not want to settle for a career that was unfulfilling or did not match my interests. Middle Earth allowed me the opportunity to find a career that I enjoy.”

If not for the support of our donors, this young man was at risk of unemployment and poverty. Instead, he is excited for his future and on the path to a responsible adulthood! Investment in our youth changes lives every day and improves our community!