Holiday Gift Giving for Teens

00402597The holiday season is upon us, and as usual, everyone is running around trying to find that perfect gift for their loved ones. It makes it especially hard when you are shopping for a teenager. It is difficult to know what items might delight their heart or earn their scorn. Below are some budget-friendly, stress-free ideas to make your teen’s eyes light up this holiday:

Make your special teen a coupon booklet. Include experiences or privileges that you know your teen will like, such as a “get out of chore free” pass, one free room cleaning by a parent, dinner of their choice, family night with the movie of his/her choice, a trip to the mall, or a “one extra hour past curfew” pass.

Scour thrift stores, yard sales, flea markets and other second-hand sources for gift-worthy items at prices well below retail. Adolescents often love “vintage” items.

Create a homemade gift. Use old sweaters, curtains or other used items to create a purse or tote bag. Distress an old frame, add some scrapbook elements, and include a photo of your teen with their best friend. Create a small denim pocket quilt to hang behind the door – it looks neat and holds their cell phone, iPod, wallet, keys, change, and treasures.

Great stocking stuffer ideas include tickets to movies, concerts or sporting events, gift cards to iTunes or to purchase gas, a flash drive, travel games, a retro watch, desk supplies, or body spray.

Your teen may also be consumed with finding the perfect gift for their friend or teacher. Float the idea that they make an origami ornament. Even teens who don’t like crafts tend to like origami and think it’s “cool”. Google “origami ornaments” to find the paper folding instructions. When done, punch a hole at the top of their creation and add a ribbon to hang it on the tree.

Final thoughts…

Teach your teen that the holidays are less about the gifts and more about spending quality time with family. Read our previous blogs about the holidays:

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  • As a Teen Motivational Speaker and Parent of a Teenager, these are excellent ideas. I would also like to add that a great way to give and receive during the holidays is to commit a day of service to someone in need. (clean a yard, cook a meal, go to the grocery store, etc.) This would be gratifying for your teens as well as the family. Great blog post!

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