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4 Great Reasons Families Should Eat at Home More

Families with teens are BUSY! Between school, homework, part-time jobs, dates, time with friends, and extracurricular activities, adolescents are always on the go. Sometimes it’s hard to coordinate parents and teens to be in the house together for more than a few minutes! Since our families are so busy, many of us understandably turn to eating out at restaurants and

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Enjoying the Holidays and Creating Traditions with your Teen

Recall your favorite childhood memories, and many of them probably stem from a tradition your family held every year or on occasion. Traditions are customs that are maintained in generally the same way each time they are performed. That could mean going to the same place at the same time each year, or performing an activity together in the same

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Is positive parenting a teenager possible?

As parents, we often hear from “parenting experts” that we should be using “positive parenting.”  If you have a teenager at home, you have probably thought, “Yeah, right. You come over and try to be positive will the mood-swinging, eye-rolling, rebellious creature living in my home.” But there is new information out that may encourage us to do just that.

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