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8 Ways to Instill Accountability in Teens

The definition of “accountable” is taking responsibility for one’s actions, and it is something every parent hopes their teen will be. When parents teach their kids to take responsibility for their decisions and actions, they help them develop into conscientious human beings and responsible citizens of the community. Without accountability, teenagers blame others, refuse to follow rules they find unfair,

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Helping Teens be Successful on their First Job

A first job for a teen can be a really exciting and scary entry into the adult world! A job can help teenagers develop responsibility, gain confidence, learn new skills, obtain increased autonomy, achieve new accomplishments, develop work experience, and become more independent from their parents. Landing their first job is a huge step in any teenager’s life and worth

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What NOT to Say When Talking to Teens About Their Future

Most parents, teachers, coaches, relatives, and other loving adults want to encourage teens on a path to a good future. And in fact, research supports this idea with studies showing that teens whose parents talk to them about their future tend to be more successful later in life. The problem tends to be how to approach the discussion. Many well-meaning

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Great Summer Jobs for Youth

A part-time job is an excellent and constructive use of teens’ free time during the summer break. The benefits of summer employment include: earning spending money, obtaining valuable work experience for a resume, learning time management skills, developing new confidence and independence, gaining workplace skills to be more marketable in the future, and providing the opportunity for your teen to

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Is College Worth the Money?

College has always been a recommended path for teens headed to adulthood, and for good reason. Studies show that college graduates earn more than individuals without a college degree, develop more independence and confidence, create a better network of friends, have better communication skills, are more likely to move up the socioeconomic ladder, more likely to make healthy lifestyle choices,

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Using Technology to Teach Life Skills to Youth

Technology has significantly changed the way we do things and the way we interact with those around us. In many ways, it has improved our lives and given us new opportunities, but it also has the potential for dominating our lives and eating up time that could be spent in more productive ways. Pew Research Center recently released a report

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