4 Reasons Teens Should Look for a Summer Job

Many teens are torn about whether they want to get a summer job. Some want to earn their own money, while others would rather spend their summer focusing on extracurricular activities or downtime. Some worry that they simply won’t be able to find a job. While every family’s situation is different, there are some very good reasons for us to encourage our teens to seek employment.

  1. Develop interview skills. Every time a teen applies for a job, they have a new opportunity to practice interviewing. Learning how to come across well in an interview is a vital skill your teen will use throughout their life. It will help your teen improve their overall communication skills and prepare them for important interviews later in life to get into college or land their first full-time job. Would you rather your teen “practice” their first interview with a simple summer job or when it really matters trying to enter their career field?
  2. Learn to cope with rejection. Rejection hurts, but it is a normal part of life and impossible to avoid completely. The good news is that the more we face rejection and learn to deal with the feelings that go with it, the easier it becomes to get past the hurt and bounce back. Our teens need to develop resiliency to handle the adult world successfully. An unsuccessful job search can show your teen that failure isn’t the end of the road, but rather just a momentary setback. Learning to cope with rejection is a valuable life skill and much healthier than trying to avoid rejection. If you would like more information about how to help teens to handle rejection, please read our previous blog, Teaching Teens to Handle Rejection.
  3. Push their comfort zone. It always feels easier to stay in our own comfort zone, doing the same stuff that we always do, but then we never grow. Your teen will be more successful in life if they have learned to try new experiences. They will inevitably learn something about themselves and the world whenever they try new things, even if the lesson is that they never want to do that again!
  4. Gain real-world skills. If your teen does obtain summer employment, they will gain a ton of benefits:
    • Money management. Teens who are earning a paycheck get to make choices about what to do with their earnings, which is no better preparation for the adult responsibility of budgeting and managing finances.
    • Workplace skills. One of the biggest complaints of employers is that too many of today’s college students lack basic workplace experience. Summer jobs teach critical lessons in time management, respect, workplace norms, handling difficult people, problem solving, responsibility, and working within a team.
    • Constructive time. Simply put, employment gives teens less time to engage in risky behaviors.
    • Resume builder. There is no question that employment is a great item to place on a college application or resume. It is always looked upon favorably by college admissions officers and future employers.


Final Thoughts…

Your teen really has nothing to lose, and plenty to gain, by at least looking for a job. If your teen decides to seek part-time employment, but doesn’t know what opportunities are available, read our previous blog, Great Summer Jobs for Youth. Or if your teen doesn’t know how to go about applying for work, read our previous blog, How Teens Can Get That First Job.

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