Vaping Tool Fools Parents and Teachers

A growing number of teens are using an e-cigarette device, called a Juul vaporizer, because it looks just like a USB flash drive and charges when plugged into a laptop. Parents and school officials are easily fooled into thinking the Juul, which is small enough to hide in the palm of your hand, is just an innocent flash drive.

Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered smoking devices that use cartridges filled with a liquid that contains nicotine, flavors, and other chemicals. Teens, in particular, love the flavoring which include many fruit flavors, cappuccino, cotton candy, and many more. A heating device in the e-cigarette converts the liquid into vapor, which the user inhales, which is why many people call it “vaping.” The Juul is just one of many types of vaping devices, but it’s being used by a large number of teens because it’s so difficult for adults to identify or discover.

Many teens believe that e-cigarettes are a safe form of smoking, because they don’t contain tobacco. In fact, there was a 900% increase in vaping among high school students between 2011-2015. Unfortunately, our teens are deceived.

Experts warn that vaping is not safe. E-cigarettes, including vaping tools like Juul, still contain nicotine and many other cancer-causing chemicals. Vaping is addictive and has many of the same health risks that cigarettes have. In addition, there is growing evidence of more short-term effects of vaping. One study suggests vaping impairs the body’s ability to heal wounds. Another study suggests that vaping causes chronic bronchitis, which can eventually lead to permanent lung damage.

Parents and teachers should discuss the dangers of vaping with their teens, and they should stay aware of possible vaping devices disguised as flash drives.

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