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Teen Slang and Acronyms

Parents have often confessed they think their teens are from another planet, and that stereotype might be reinforced by the fact that teens seem to be speaking another language. Between the slang they use in their conversations and the acronyms they use in their texting, understanding teenagers has risen to a whole new art form. Although slang has always been

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All Teens Know About Internet Safety Nowadays… Right? (Part 2: Bullying and Unintended Consequences)

It could be argued that no invention has had a more significant impact on our youth than the Internet. But with power comes responsibility, and it’s important that we impart some on teens. Last week, we explored some ideas for keeping youth safe from online predators. This week, we’ll provide some information on online bullying and the problems of posting

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All Teens Know About Internet Safety Nowadays… Right? (Part 1: Sexual Predators)

Who can argue against the benefits of the Internet? It expands our education and world in so many ways and allows us to share resources and ideas with people that have the same interests. Unfortunately, it can also expose children to unwanted information and danger. Middle Earth is going to explore Internet Safety in a two-part series. In this first

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