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Adolescent Depression

Many experts believe that January is one of the worst months of the year for depression. Suicide rates actually increase every year during the winter months. Perhaps January is difficult because the holidays have ended, and maybe they were not as “perfect” as you thought they should have been. Maybe January’s cold weather or decreased sunlight makes it harder to

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What to Say to a Depressed Teen

Depression is a medical condition requiring medical care. It can be so hard to watch someone you love, especially your child, go through depression. You want to help them, encourage them, cure them. Unfortunately, depression isn’t something that can just be fixed. You can learn more about teen depression by reading one of our previous blogs. It is crucial that

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Teen Depression

The holidays can be a merry time… or not. For teens who have suffered a loss this year – whether it is a death, divorce, parent losing a job, or other significant change – the holidays can actually heighten those feelings of sadness, perhaps because we feel we are “supposed” to be happy at this time, but we’re not. Suicide

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