Middle Earth Serving Youth Since 1972

Our mission is to provide youth with prevention and intervention services to help them develop into responsible self-sufficient members of the community.

Community Service

Every program at Middle Earth offers community service. Research shows that teens who volunteer perform better in school, are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, and gain experience that college and employers value.

While all of our programs encourage service, our Station House Adjustment Program provides mandated community service as a consequence for first-time offenders who commit minor offenses to deter negative behavior and teach responsibility for actions.

Recreation, Skills, & Support

During afterschool hours, Middle Earth offers teens constructive activities to occupy their free time, teaches life skills, and provides guidance and support.

The JOURNEYS Program at our Community Youth Centers provides a safe and supervised place for youth (ages 12-18) to gather for fun activities, interact positively with their peers, learn independent living skills, learn to express themselves through a variety of arts, and talk to caring adults.

Employment Readiness

To become a responsible and productive member of our community, teens must have marketable skills for employment.

Our PROMISE and VISIONS programs provide: exploration of college and career options, lessons in workplace skills, hands-on experience to build their resume, and stipends for instruction or paid internships.


One of the many things a child needs to become successful is a caring adult who can see their potential. Mentoring improves school performance, socialization, responsibility, and self-esteem.

While our staff act as informal mentors with the youth in all of our programs, we offer more intensive, formal services through our Mentoring Program for 2nd-12th grade students during their lunch or advisory periods in school.

School-Based Services

Youth in afterschool programs are more likely to improve academics, develop better social skills, avoid risky behaviors, and have higher self-confidence and aspirations for the future.

Our 21st Century Community Learning Center for 3rd-6th grade students keeps children safe during out-of-school hours and on track for success—academically, socially, and emotionally. Our Youth College Readiness Program teaches students how to make post-secondary education a reality.

Special Projects

Middle Earth is proud to collaborate with other local agencies to bring additional services that improve our community.

The Student Ambassadors for Community Health work with community leaders to identify and address a health need in Bound Brook, gaining leadership experience while improving their local area.


Middle Earth is a nonprofit that has served youth in Somerset County since 1972. Our caring staff builds trusting relationships with well over 1,000 local youth annually to help them make positive decisions, avoid risky behaviors, obtain marketable skills for a bright future, volunteer, improve academics, and learn respect, responsibility and leadership.


Whether it’s your time, money, or support, we would love to have you partner with us! You can have a big impact!


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“If it wasn’t for the Youth College Readiness Program, I believe I would not have done not my best in high school. Middle Earth helped me step out of my shell, made me become more involved in my community, and also helped me walk the path towards college.”

— former youth who attended YCRP

“I like how Middle Earth is a tutoring, hangout, and fun place all in one. There’s a variety of options and different games, and they give attention to all the children. No one feels lonely or like a burden.”

— former youth who attended JOURNEYS