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Meet Noemi and Danny!

All of us are facing unprecedented challenges right now. COVID-19 has changed everything for everyone, and the youth in our community are no exception. Please watch the video to hear the experiences of two of our youth during this past year, or read their stories below.

We invite you to partner with us. Together, we can work side-by-side to make lasting change in the next generation. A donation today offers a teen the chance to work to his or her potential. And when a young person achieves their potential, our community is stronger, safer, and more vibrant.

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Meet Danny.

Danny, a 17-year-old high school student, has attended Middle Earth programs for years, filling our spaces with his bright personality. Funny and energetic, Danny enjoys singing, performing, and playing video games. In March, when schools transitioned to virtual classrooms, Danny began to struggle.

Middle Earth helped Danny adjust to school during this time of virtual learning, developed his confidence academically in the online classroom, and provided access to technology. Thanks to donors, we provided tablets to several youth. Some students didn’t have technology, others were sharing one device among several siblings, while others were using their phones which weren’t compatible with our group meetings. Danny is grateful for the tablet he received and uses it to connect with staff and participate in many of our socializing activities, such as online games, tie-dying, and group discussions led by him and his peers.

“2020 has been a very hard year for me, and for a lot of kids,” said Danny. “(Middle Earth) gets our minds off what’s going on right now. It’s a very good outlet.”

Through virtual meetings, Danny also worked with the staff to build his resume and develop his interview skills. Your donation equips older teens, like Danny, to prepare for college and future employment. We conduct mock interviews, teach workplace skills, and connect students with job internships, even during these difficult times. Students in the college readiness program learn how to make academic goals, improve their resume, apply for college and financial aid, and write college entrance essays.

While Danny knows that the challenges of this year are not over, he is much more confident overall. He has matured a great deal, is preparing for his future, and feels hopeful.

Meet Noemi.

Noemi has also attended Middle Earth programs for years, beginning as an elementary student in our afterschool program. She was really shy when she first started, but over time, she has come out of her shell and is a cheerful contributor in all of our activities and an excellent student.

Circumstances have been difficult for Noemi’s family. Her mother has medical issues that prevent her from working, and recently, her father was hospitalized with COVID-19, and then, lost his job. As Noemi’s family struggled through the crisis, Middle Earth offered both financial and emotional support.

“Middle Earth holds a very special place in my heart," said Noemi. "Middle Earth helped my family with things that we needed. Everyone there has been very caring.”

Noemi’s parents have always thanked Middle Earth for giving their daughters opportunities to try new activities, have fun with their friends, and have a safe place to be after school. That hasn’t changed – even during the pandemic! The support of people just like you allow Middle Earth to connect youth with teachers in dance, yoga, music, soccer, and fitness through virtual classrooms. Youth participate in online escape rooms and other games. Staff distribute bins of supplies to our younger students and then meet online to cook recipes or to create artwork and unique crafts, which gets them moving and talking to one another.

Making a Gift.

Thanks to the support of people just like you, when the pandemic hit, Middle Earth was immediately able to pivot all of our programming to virtual formats. We stayed connected with our youth to determine their needs, care for their well-being, offer support and guidance, and still provide all of our services online. That's just one way of many that your support assists the youth in our local area. When you donate to Middle Earth you are providing young people guidance and training in employment readiness, college preparation, independent living skills, leadership, and good character.

In times like this, we are reminded of how interconnected we all are and how much stronger we are together. Thank you for being part of our community. Without you, we would not have the honor of transforming young lives every day.

Your tax-deductible gift equips youth to gain confidence and to learn the skills
they need to make positive life choices and work to their full potential!